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New Image Wednesday + Gregory Alan Isakov & The Colorado Symphony

Today’s blog is all about a deeper look into the album art behind Gregory Alan Isakov’s new record with the Colorado Symphony.

New Image Wednesday + Mandolin Orange

MANDOLIN ORANGE Hey! What’s new this week? Oh? That’s cool. You’re making a series of designer mugs? Are you going to hand make each one? No? You’re just going to pay some kid to throw clay for you and etch in the word “panther?” Dude…is the kid any good? He’s just some kid…ok. I don’t think this venture is going to last. You’ve already sold 3000?! What about child labor laws?! You’ve never heard of that?! Man…you astonish me every week. Happy February 24th! There’s been a ton going on this past few weeks! I haven’t slept much at all, […]

New Image Wednesday + Chicago

CHICAGO How was Halloween?! What did you go as? You went as a hermit with a road flare? That’s kind of weird, how’d you come up with that? You owed homage to the guy you hit with your car three years ago? Dude…did you report that?! Did the hermit survive? Man, he’s not survived by you dressing up like him every year! You gotta report that shit! Jesus, man that’s vehicular manslaughter! Do you still have that band of rogue….oop…yep, there are the militant revolutionary kids from a couple weeks ago. You’re nuts, dude. (I feel like these intros are […]

New Image Wednesday + Dash For The Terraform (The Making of)

Dash For The Terraform I learned my lesson last week. I’m not even going to ask how you’re doing…! I don’t care this time! Too much business to discuss! …I do like your new bedazzled Kenny Chesney tattoo, though. After 8 solid weeks of work…it’s DONE! Atomic Cowboy’s fourteen foot mural is up and open to the public! What a journey this has been! This is by far the largest piece I’ve done, and I’ll tell you – after this long – I’m stoked to be done with it. Make sure to head to the new location to view this sucker live […]