New Image Wednesday + Brent & Bri


Happy Wednesday ya big galoot! What’s new with ya? Why in the world would you ever think that Henry Winkler played a drug dealer on Happy Days? Yes, you’re right…he was always smiling. Sure…he did wear sunglasses inside. Yeah..that’s true…his office was a toilet. But, if those were the only three criteria to be a drug dealer, I know a ton of drug dealers. I think ya gotta go back to the ol’ drawing board on that one, man.

Today we’re celebrating the love and engagement of two wonderful people, Brent & Bri!!

I get approached a lot to do engagement and wedding photos, and in all honesty, I rarely take them. There’s an extremely well established style that’s associated with those photos and I’m just not a guy that pumps that style out. I think the use of reflective material to snag a candid moment is super cool, and bokeh can give me a headache sometimes, but overall the look and feel that’s been set for engagement and wedding photography seems…well…safe. So, we went pretty rowdy on some of these shots! We even jumped Brent & Bri’s ’67 Impala! How fun!

Now, I understand I can’t be weird all the time when it comes to photos for other people. So, we equally shot a few “normal” engagement shots for the fam.’ But, for B & B, we went nuts doing crazy long exposure shots, jumping cars, and even threw a big ol’ party at the end of the night to recreate how they met.

It was super sweet – there’s a gal in the front right of the party photo, Sarah. She was kind hearted and lovely, so when I told her she had to aim the exploding champagne directly at me and soak me for the shot…well, the look of horror in the picture is real.

Brent & Bri have been amazing to work with and get to know. What unbelievably fun, kind, friendly, loving, and powerful people. I feel honored that they asked me to work with them and I’m positive the rest of their lives together will be nothing short of incredible.

As always, thanks for looking!

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