New Image Wednesday + Headshots & Portraits

Happy Wednesday! How was your week? Oh no! I hate dropping hot coffee on myself! You did that this morning? It feels like it just gets hotter and hotter, right! Wait…what? Did you say, “damn these hoof hands?” What does that even mean? Hoof hands?! OH MY GOD!!! You actually have hoof hands!!! When did THAT happen?! That’s way bigger news than a coffee spill…

Today’s blog is all about headshots and portraits! Ever have a headshot taken? It’s kind of dorky, eh? Feels a little bit like high school portrait day.

Side note – I don’t know where my year book is, but I’ll have to dig it up and scan my high school portrait…I looked like a moron. I think I had some hoodie with Crass and Flux Of Pink Indians patches pinned to it. I remember always being jealous of the kids that could sew real well because my little punk rock clothing always looked all janky with safety pins. I mean, I know, like, who cares, but a little bit of sewing would’ve gone a long way.

Whenever I shoot headshots, I’m always curious to see what a client likes about their photo and what they don’t. For this reason, I always tether my digital camera to a computer screen and show them their photos as we take them. It A) alleviates the stress of the client not liking how they look and B) gives them a chance to see in real-time how they need to move.

Now, I tend to think of headshots (and really most everything in life) as two different camps. Camp 1 is a more traditional camp. Set up some clamshell lighting and have them sit or stand (however they’re comfortable) and bring them through a range of emotions while firing away on a white backdrop. Camp 2 is the wild, drunk uncle camp. This is where portraiture really starts in my mind. As headshots are used primarily for professional use, the portrait can be a little more whimsical, story-based, or creative. I usually set up some fun lighting (I literally just did a shoot with a tungsten light bulb and a 20$ ring light) and potentially a fog machine (that’s my little trick…fog machine), have them devour their true character and hop in with bold style.

I don’t like one camp more than the other, but here’s some examples of both!

As always, thanks for looking! Heads up with those DAMN HOOF HANDS!

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