Vermillion Road

Vermillion Road

Happy Wednesday y’all! So, I’m sure by now you’ve seen that after several months of working and with a closing date of Friday (two days from today), we lost the house and studio we were purchasing. The seller backed out EXTREMELY last minute leaving us with a current lease that’s ending on Saturday and no particular place to go. It’s looking like Bronwyn, Ida and I will be moving into an extended stay hotel or AirBnb for the next little while as we search for a new house and studio to procure. I’ll tell you…I’ve not been this bummed in a while. If you subscribe to the Newsletter (subscribe below), you saw the photos of the new studio, the potential it had, and how excited both of us were to have a space that was all ours. Whelp, I suppose the universe didn’t quite think it was right for us…so onward to find a BETTER house! Plus, want to know the cool part? At least I still get to do the thing I love and take photos of wonderful people for a living.

This band, Vermillion Road is one of those groups of wonderful people. Read about the shoot below.


Hunter from Vermillion Road reached out to me a few months ago about doing some modern promotional photos for his band. While my photos tend to be pretty stylized, I was really excited to do some shots in a more accessible and normal style. That being said, my mind immediately went to Jill Greenberg’s work (link below). So, after brainstorming a slew of styles and other photographers we liked (Joey L, Dave Hill, and even on down to my favorite – Helmut Newton), we decided on a more colorful and powerful set of images based on lighting that’s typically used in sports photography.

One of my favorite things to do nowadays is to provide props that aren’t necessarily for the band to use, but rather integrate directly into the images. Because we wanted a newer look, I keep drifting towards cool patterns we could establish for the background to make the guys pop a bit. Hunter and I made an extremely quick visit to Home Depot…how often can you say that? An extremely quick visit to Home Depot? That never happens. We looked at all kind of cool acrylic panels, fun reflective mirror-like paneling, and more to try to reflect/refract light behind the guys to build up a weird background. We quickly decided on using light panels for large industrial ceiling lighting (oddly found in such stores like Home Depot). We liked how it created somewhat of a honeycomb of light that we could shoot behind the guys or even, at times, through. All in all, these guys were a total blast to shoot with, and true to form, we laughed our asses off the entire shoot.

Merne did all the initial cleanup of the images we liked, and I ended up splicing a few together, color correcting, dodging and burning, etc. I hope you like what we got out of this shoot as much as we do! Make sure to check out Vermillion Road whenever you get a chance, they’re a wonderful group of super talented young dudes who are on the path to conquering.

Vermillion Road – Website

Merne Judson III – Website

Jill Greenberg – Website

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