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Jordan Klemons – This City

Happy Wednesday! I’m particularly stoked about this week’s blog. Today I’m featuring the artwork from Jordan Klemons’ new album “This City.” It’s quite the great story of how this came to be…make sure to click the tabs below if’n you want to learn all about it!

Firstly, these are iPhone pictures. Boy howdy, phone technology is incredible. The photos I got were able to print at 30”x30”…pretty awesome. Secondly, I absolutely love this record. It’s been on repeat in my house since I got the mixes. Jordan’s voicings and arranging style are very reminiscent of the late Gil Evans. For what it’s worth, Gil is by far one of my favorite composers of all time. He took on one student; Maria Schneider. While her work has profoundly grasped on to the finer details of Gil’s writing – some of my favorites being the use of color and writing parts for specific players (for ranges, timbres, etc.) – I feel like Jordan took the original ‘tough’ quality of Gil’s writing and brought it to a modern era. I feel bad comparing any artist to another as each person has their own voice, but I’d be remiss not to mention the abundantly clear inspiration of Evans’ writing in this record. After you listen to Jordan’s record, make sure to check out one of Gil’s most famous recordings with Mile Davis called “Birth Of The Cool.” Fun note: It was the first jazz record to have french horn on it…

There is a clear story in these tracks. Each piece changes almost sporadically and wonderfully. Transitions are clear, yet it stays true to life through a series of undulating and defined turning points. Taken from greek myths (see the track “Icarus”), it follows the heroic journey through both grandiose gestures and plummeting caverns. I can’t recommend this record enough. Not only that, but Jordan is selling books of the artworks combined with the personal myths that surround each piece. Just wonderful.

Jordan is also doing a live stream listening party of the full album on Facebook Feb. 12th at 11am EST. Make sure to tune in and have a listen…again, I can’t express enough how great the album is. My hope is that he’ll give a bit of feedback between tracks to fill in some awesome info. The link is below in the Links section.


We didn’t have the opportunity to shoot any direct behind-the-scenes footage of Jordan taking the photos throughout the city, but I made a super fun video of my workflow on Photoshop and Lightroom. This video actually has become one of my favorite ‘making of’s’ because of a couple of reasons. 1) Jordan’s music is SO easy to put video to and show the growth of the mythical character and 2) the quick screen grabs fully show the process of making a few images from start to finish. I find myself watching this video over and over and catching more fun connections between the art and music. I hope you enjoy.

– Click the “V” on the video to watch it full screen in a new tab.

Jordan Klemons – Bandcamp | Website | Pre-Order

Jordan’s Live Preview of Full Album on Feb. 12th – Facebook

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