The Stone Tapestry


The Stone Tapestry

Today’s blog is all about the making of Jeff Herriott’s new record “The Stone Tapestry”  with Due East and (current Grammy nominee) Third Coast Percussion. The Stone Tapestry was commissioned for Due East by the Barlow Endowment for Music Composition at Brigham Young University. Make sure to click below to learn all about it and even check out the podcast interview with Jeff!

I first met Jeff in Whitewater Wisconsin about 15 years ago. He was my professor. How awesome is that, eh? I have to admit, over the years he hasn’t failed at teaching me a ton every time I see him. Not only is Jeff an incredible educator, but he’s a phenomenal musical talent. He pushes the bounds of musicality with every stroke of his pen. I feel absolutely lucky to know him.

You may know some of his work from the movie “Bone Tomahawk,” starring Kurt Russell. He doesn’t really go around bragging about the massive successes he’s had in the musical realm…but, I still find myself wanting to nickname him “Bone Tomahawk” simply for the fact that I feel I should brag for him.

This project was super interesting. Jeff and I got pretty deep in conversation multiple times trying to figure out how to bring out the organic quality of these pieces while maintaining a firm grasp on an artistic statement. After a bunch of pitches on my part, a few mock-ups, reading several fairy tale books (check out the Russian fairy-tale book about the Ural Mountains, “The Malachite Casket”), and discussing several other artists, we finally figured out it would just be best if Jeff could come from Wisconsin out to Colorado and we could just build something together. So, out he came. And build we did.

We four wheeled it back to one of my favorite secret spots on the front range. I’ve attached a small video and map of the location under this tab. Check it out.

We then progressed to find as many interesting large sticks and rocks and allowed ourselves to just naturally connect with the items to present them in a different way. The wonderful structure laid firmly on a cliff-side that was quickly overwrought with ATV riders wanting to use it as a jump. We never had to fend anyone off, but the entire excursion felt a bit like we were being circled by sharks waiting to attack. But, alas, we made something beautiful that connected the nature element of Jeff’s music, with the odd and almost forced movement that Fellini brought to many of his characters. I’m pumped to release this artwork, and I hope you’ll listen to the interview with Jeff and enjoy the images as much as we enjoyed making them.


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