Retro Barbers

Retro Barbers

Happy Wednesday! Quite the day, eh? How have you been? You’ve been traveling? That’s cool. What?! Seriously?! There was an actual snake on your actual plane?! Did everyone freak out? Wow! I bet! I couldn’t imagine everyone would maintain composure! The flight attendants caught it with a soup ladle and a chicken dinner plate, eh? Then they changed the in flight movie? Well, I suppose they’d have to acknowledge what just happ…oh, they changed it to Balto? That’s weird. I’m glad you’re ok, though.

This is a wild Wednesday, eh? Lots of stuff going on out there in politics-ville. I’m still pretty drunk from watching the polls last night, so forgive this blog if I ramble. But, I think today is a lovely departure from the loss or win that you’re mourning or celebrating. This blog is a quiet look at a wonderful barbershop in Arvada, CO.

Retro Barbers called me a bit ago looking for a complete re-brand for their barbershop that’s been going strong for 58 years. It’s quite the undertaking. In a world where our parent’s stuff is cool again, I was a bit reticent to re-brand an already awesome brand. But, the whole thing is starting with new images for their website. These are those images.

Merne and I hung out at the shop for a little under 10 hours while barbers ran around cutting hair and hanging out with awesome people coming in the door all day. I even ran in to one of my oldest and greatest friends, Punk Rock Tom who showed up to get his hair done! We set up a couple backdrops in the back alley behind the shop and took folks out there to photograph their haircuts as they finished up. We got to hang out with one of the owners, Dave (the badass 70 year old with darker glasses in the photos) and learn all about his old partner and current barber-guru Ron (the first guy shown in the photos). The two swapped haircuts for each other and laughed all about how Ron founded the place when he was 20 years old. They’ve been trying to keep the shop in the family and pass it on to a younger generation. Case in point, Dave has hired three separate siblings over the years to shine shoes out front of the store from one family.

Per his own words, Dave is feeling old and ready to pass the torch on to the store’s main barber, Tiffany. Tiffany is the one that contacted me to try to breath some new life into the shop with new photos and brand identity. She renamed the shop from “The Barbers” to “Retro Barbers,” and we’re trying to appeal to a younger generation. I went in and scoped the space out a few weeks prior to get a feel, and honestly I love it as is. They had a steady stream of folks of all age ranges coming in and hanging out. Folks waiting were familiar with every barber and they all laughed and hung out while waiting for a new ‘do. It was lovely. One of the most important aspects of this awesome barbershop that I’m going to strive to maintain is the family atmosphere and familiarity. It really is your grandpa’s barbershop. I hope you enjoy a few of the photos from our day hanging out at a really amazing barber shop.

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