Howdy friend! What’s new this week? Oh yeah? I don’t know if you should brag about seeing Kung Fu Panda a total of twenty six times, man…No. Nope. No, you don’t know Kung Fu now because of piecing together moves from that and The Matrix. Legit, you don’t know Kung F…WHOA!! Don’t kick at me!! Fine! Fine! You know Kung Fu!! Jeez!! …butyoudontreallyknowkungfuyoujerk.

Today’s blog is all about one of my absolute FAVORITE new bands coming out of Denver. They haven’t quite finished their record, and they haven’t even gotten to play a show yet. But, they’re two of the most talented folks around and I’m PUMPED for the world to hear what they’re working on. This is a band called Laykes.

Led by Daniel and Seth (of Rossonian), the band is a crisp, fresh, new sound that gorgeously combines genuine R&B/Soul sounds with modern electronica. I’ve never heard anything like them. With sprinkles of folk melody and acoustic guitar; the synth, drum-machine, live drum, and electric guitars adopt a phenomenal and driving sense of heart while never overstepping the bound into cheesy. Almost, seemingly effortlessly, the duo delivers a profound sound that is nothing short of absolutely captivating.

I’ve known Seth for sometime now through working on a series of Rossonian projects (link below). But, this was the first I’d met the amazingly talented Daniel. The two are super fun to be around and never take anything too seriously. However, I’m thoroughly convinced they can do anything required musically with technical prowess and ease of grace. They’re hungry, driven, and I can honestly say: These guys are going to really do something. The photos we got were a combination of the organic quality that they showcase with their writing and the digital sounds they use to present it. I wanted something that delivered the same fun quality the guys carry while still maintaining the true depth they both have musically with their photos. We had a blast heading up to Nevadaville – a rad old ghost town near Central City. Each one of the wild ‘spliced’ photos was created in Photoshop following an in-studio shoot against a backdrop. Each of the six seen here is a different single the band will be slowly releasing for you to check out. I strongly recommend checking them out. The overall EP will be called “Globeville.” I hope y’all enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed making them.

Rossonian – Website

Nevadaville, CO – Awesome Ghost Town Site

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