Infamous Stringdusters – Laws Of Gravity


Infamous Stringdusters – Laws Of Gravity

Holy cow holy cow holy cow! I’ve been SUPER excited to release this blog for a few months now! Infamous Stringdusters have released their new full length album “Laws Of Gravity” (find it in the links below)! What a trip it’s been doing album artwork for this project! It’s come out beautifully and I’m so proud of all the work Merne Judson III and Sarah Thomas (THANK YOU for the incredible hand-painted backdrop) have done. It’s been a long road and I’m so excited for y’all to learn about how and why we did it! Make sure to click around and check out the video and podcast (yeah! A new podcast feature!).


It’s hard to write about how pumped I was throughout this entire project. Not only did Merne, Sarah, and I get to make something for real (which is always my favorite), we got to utilize the hand-made elements throughout the entire marketing process. That’s literally one of my favorite things. All too often I feel like I create things for a photoshoot and they kind of fall by the wayside ne’er to be used again. This model still has some life in it and I’m hoping to see more creations from it.

This week we’re trying something new with a quick podcast (below the video). We had Doug Altman (Infamous Stringdusters’ day-to-day manager) in the house and we talked about how we came up with the concept behind the artwork for this record. I’d love to type it all out, but it’s honestly just way easier to listen to us chat about it. Not only that, but Doug is super funny, so that helps. Info and laughter? Win.

We also have a quick ‘making-of’ video (below this section) where you can see Merne, Sarah, and I in action making this behemoth of a miniature. It’s one solid week of work (with no sleep) condensed down into one awesome minute. While Merne and I filmed the entire process, the incredible Jonnie Sirotek cut and edited the entire thing down so the ‘Dusters could use it as an announcement for the upcoming record.

We owe my great friend, Donnie Criswell (DIY Furniture Store) a HUGE thank you for allowing us to take over his showroom for a day for a shoot with the band. It’s such a gorgeous place with absolutely profound furniture. We wandered back into the area where they build their furniture and had a ton of fun setting up unfinished chairs and utilizing the large warehouse. Thank you so much, Donnie.

All in all, this was such an incredible project to be involved in and I hope you dig seeing how/why we did it. Make sure to check out the video and podcast!

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Here’s a quick look at the making of “Laws Of Gravity.” It was filmed by Merne Judson III and myself. Wonderfully cut and edited by Jonnie Sirotek (link below), it give a brief announcement of this fantastic album through the lens of what we did to make the artwork. One of my absolutely favorite parts of the whole album is the gorgeous backdrop hand-painted by Sarah Thomas. I LOVE what she did in the beginning of the video – she wrote “Infamous Stringdusters” and turned it into the cloud cover on the plywood backdrop…so cool.

We’re trying something brand new this week with a PODCAST!! Have a listen to the super fun interview with Doug Altman (7s Management, and the ‘Dusters’ day-to-day manager) and Merne Judson III all about how we came up with the concept for the album art! I’m stoked to have an audio addition to the blog and I look forward to doing more!


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