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DIY Furniture Store – Second Advertisement For Modern In Denver

Howdy! Long time, eh? I’ve missed you too! What’s new with yo…ok…yeah, I’ll hang on. What’re ya grabbing there? Is that a CD? Well, thanks! What’s the CD of? Ok…uh huh…interesting…So, you just made a CD to listen to in the car specifically of only things that are terrifying to hear in the car? Like what? Aaah…ambulance sounds, dogs yelping as if under your tires, someone screaming to “stop,” ok…I get it, but why did you make this CD? You’re going to sell these, eh? Ok. We need to get you a job.

So, today’s blog is a little newer looking than my past blogs because, well, I have a new website! How the new blogs work is: just click any of the little accordion tabs below to find out more information regarding how we made it, about the project, videos, cool lighting drawings, and more! I hope you’re as stoked as I am! As a great introduction to the new format, I’ve chosen to nerd out about the newest Modern In Denver advertisement we did for DIY Furniture Store. Check it out below!

I’ve been working with Donnie Criswell (owner of DIY Furniture Store) for a few years now. I ALWAYS love the projects we get to pump out, and we tend to have a pretty amazing time making them. Today’s photos come from a shoot to create the second round of advertisements for Modern In Denver Magazine.

Working with my favorite model/friend, Madelyn, Merne and I set out to create a scene where we could showcase a lighter, somewhat more holiday feel for the magazine. We opted to stick with the floating concept that we had in the last advertisement, having Madelyn suspended above some of DIY’s furniture. While we opted to show a table on the last ad, we switched gears to feature the company’s incredible chairs. Armed with a leaf blower and a ladder, we shot Madelyn whimsically blowing in the wind while Steve and Donnie from DIY threw their thousands-of-dollars chairs behind her. We shot with a low shutter speed to give the chairs a see-thru quality and bring the attention to the front chairs that were comfortably planted below.

Make sure to check out the making of video directly below to see some of the behind the scenes footage of how we made this image!

While taping down the HUGE white backdrop for the shoot, I bent down and split my pants from the front of the crotch to the backside belt area. It was a heckuva split. I promptly called my wonderful girlfriend, Bronwyn to see if she could potentially bring me a new pair of pants so I didn’t have to keep shooting with my torn pants, to which she immediately replied, “Are you wearing underwear? You are? Those are like shorts. You’re fine. Deal with it.”

So, Merne (being the AMAZING human that he is) helped me create some duct tape underwear over my torn pants. We were cracking up pretty hard. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen the entire debacle unfold in the stories section. If you don’t follow me yet…make sure to. I do a lot of dumb stuff on shoots and I love embarrassing myself publicly whenever I can. @mccormickphotos


Here’s the making of video from our shoot! At one point I rip my pants while trying to tape down a backdrop, and Merne helped me make some duct tape underwear so we could finish the shoot. What a fun day…

VERY special thanks to Grant Gordy & Ross Martin for allowing us to use their wonderful track, “Beacon” on this video. Make sure to check out their album in the links at the bottom!

Here’s a longer video of the Photoshop process that I did after the super fun shoot. There’s a bit of it in the Making Of video, but if you’re a total ‘Shop nerd, this quick video is for you!

Also…if you watch to the end of the video, you’re in for a super fun surprise of a project I was working on simultaneously that I’m STOKED to do a blog about…

DIY Furniture Store – Website

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Modern In Denver – Website

Grant Gordy & Ross Martin – Facebook | Album

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