Desert Noises

Desert Noises + 27 Ways

Utah band, Desert Noises contacted me after a brief encounter at a music festival in Denver.  I was super excited to get their phone call as I’d been loving their music for quite some time.  The original plan for their album art was a bit of an homage to Georges Méliés (the amazing film maker from late 1800’s early 1900’s).  I had built up a large set of hundreds of hand cut out stars and giant black backdrops.  I had huge polyfill clouds and a wonderful model.  The idea was a man floating in space drilling a hole through the universe.  However, after the shoot, we all decided that the photos didn’t depict the model as “lost” enough in space.  Given the time frame that we had to put out the album art, we had to go with a second idea.

This second idea consisted of taking hundreds of iPhone pictures supplied by the band and collaging them together to tell a story.  I threw in some scans of old film photos I had around and a bunch of animal stock I had gathered at numerous times through the years, and viola! we had some cool looking art!

Each piece has a playful element while still holding a heavier meaning about being a touring musician nowadays.  My great friend (and fellow designer) Greg Carr, says it best; “It’s like driving through Iowa. There are so many corn fields. Just millions of little yellow cobs trying to get your attention as you drive by.”  As a touring musician, it’s becoming increasingly harder and harder to make a difference as your voice is lost in the sea of music.  However, when a great band like this comes along, I have no doubt that everyone that hears Desert Noises will be overwrought with the feeling of joy and power that this wonderful traveling band carries with them.

First, the band sent me over 300 iPhone photos from their time on tour. Blah blah blah