Today’s blog is all about the AWESOME band, Avenhart. Read about the project below!

So, my good friend Andy Guerrero works over at the University of Colorado at Denver, College of Arts and Media where they have a pretty amazing and specific class. The goal of the class? To run an entire record label.

CAM Records is the name of the label that the students run. They have folks specializing in management, project management, graphics, booking, and of course…a band. It’s this very class that introduced me to working with You Me & Apollo (Brent Cowles), and One Flew West. Every year the class votes on a band in the University that they feel they’d like to represent. This year’s choice was an incredible band called Avenhart.

Andy tapped me to help the band put together some simple album art for their upcoming EP release show tomorrow (Thursday March 16, at Lost Lake Lounge). We had a pretty epic day hanging out and shooting. Turns out Avenhart, as well as being amazingly talented, are also hilarious and extraordinary people. We had a blast shooting outside on a frigid winter morning in Denver at the crack of dawn. I got to meet some of the awesome entourage of other students that came along for the shoot, including a wonderful assistant/project manager named Dakota…that dude is going to kill it after college. All in all, this band’s music is profoundly amazing and I feel super lucky to have worked with them, and CAM Records is one of my favorite things going on in Denver to date. How cool is that, right? Go to class to run a record label….I just love it.

Make sure not to miss Avenhart’s release show tomorrow at Lost Lake Lounge. I’m putting a link to their Soundcloud as well so you can be as enamored by their music as I am.

Avenhart – Soundcloud

CAM Records – Website

Lost Lake Lounge – Website

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