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Anthony Ruptak + Don't Let It Kill You

Happy Wednesday! How’ve you been? Good week? Bad week? In between week? I’m stoked to send out a newsletter today or tomorrow all about our new house and the NEW STUDIO!! So far, we’ve had a few shoots in it and once it’s done, it’ll be EPIC! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to see pictures/videos of the space and learn about deals I’m running on photos and design.

Today’s blog features a guy I feel super lucky to know, Anthony Ruptak. Read about the shoot below!

So, as I mentioned, I feel extremely lucky to know Anthony. He’s a guy that has the wonderful ability of finding the positive and beautiful notion behind every situation that presents itself. I’m a huge fan of folks that can find beauty in even the darkest scenarios and turn them into a learning experience. In all honesty, I strive to try to be more like Anthony. Everything he does, he does with kindness and tact while being directly in tune with the feelings of anyone effected. He’s pretty powerful and we’re lucky to have him in Denver. Besides just that…he writes INCREDIBLE music!

Anthony reached out to me to shoot some inside panels for his new record, “Don’t Let It Kill You.” So, we got his brother Matt and his dog Angel and we went out back of his house. We peeled open a cellar door (that apparently had been closed for some time) only to find a HUGE black spider on the cellar top. It actually freaked us all out enough that I’m still thinking about it with a bit of a shutter. I’m not particularly scared of spiders, but this one just had a look on its face that none of us liked…

For the shoot itself, we opted to keep everything pretty simple with a couple speed lights on either side and we toyed with longer shutter speeds to show some movement out of Anthony. All-in-all, it was a pretty quick and painless shoot with a lot of good choices! I love quick shoots with a lot of good results… I hope you dig the images! Make sure to sign up for the newsletter and I’ll see ya next week!

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