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Andy Palmer

Well, it certainly has been a little while, eh?! I’ve been going through a TON of stuff nowadays! We found a new house with an AWESOME studio in the backyard only to lose it three days before close. The day following the projected closing date, we lost our lease on the apartment we’d been living in. So, we schlepped all our stuff to a storage unit and began living out of a hotel for a little over a month while we looked for a new house to buy. But, my friends, we found one AND BOUGHT IT!!! I’m sitting in my newly acquired house writing this currently. It ALSO has a huge space for a studio in the backyard…we’re feeling pretty lucky!

Enough about that. Today’s blog is all about a guy I’ve been wanting to work with for quite some time…Andy Palmer. Read all about this project below!

I was stoked when Andy Palmer asked me to sit down to discuss album art for his upcoming release, “The Switch.” I’ve known him for quite some time and was chomping at the bit to actually get to work with him. We wanted something drastic and edgy, so I opted to build a structure out of sticks and leather. That being said, the original concept was to build a large headdress, however, we both thought it may border on insensitive, so we opted for a cool necklace/chest plate.

We had also toyed around with the concept of a less gender-specific album that went back and forth between a more traditional female character and male character, so I got the opportunity to (yet again) shoot one of my favorite people to work with; Madelyn Albright. You’ve seen our work everywhere…including on my home page for this very site.

After knocking out the studio shots of Andy and Madelyn with the chest plate on, Andy and I ventured outdoors to snag some promotional photos for him. We went to one of my favorite places in Colorado: The Rocky Mountain Arsenal! I experimented a lot with multi-exposure shots, sometimes using up to 9 photos all at once to grab some wild movement out of Andy…man oh man I love how they came out. My favorite use of the technique is done by the incredible photographer Frank Machalowski (link below). While he primarily focuses on landmarks, I thought it would be super fun to try that technique with a person. I hope you dig the wild shots that came out of it as much as I did.

All in all, I’m PUMPED to have worked with such a great person and wonderful musician as Andy Palmer. The project was super fun and experimental while still being rooted in a genuine feel. Make sure to check out the release of this album this upcoming Friday (May 19th) at The Walnut Room in Denver. The link for tickets is below. It’ll certainly be an amazing performance.

I miss doing these! I’m excited to be back!! See you next week!

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