Amish Cabinets Of Denver


Amish Cabinets Of Denver

So, one of the main things I do in life is brand identity work. I feel extremely lucky to have worked with an incredible company over the past month named Amish Cabinets of Denver. Make sure to read about what we did below!

Amish Cabinets of Denver is a company that does exactly what their name implies…they show up to your house or company and help you plan creative solutions to fit their hand-made Amish cabinets into your space. It’s pretty amazing work. Not only are the cabinets themselves hyper well done, but the layouts are expertly composed by owner Andrea Mulkey.

I’ve worked with a few building companies on re-brand work, but on this particular project, we didn’t want the look to be too modern. Because the Amish (out of Indiana) make the products, we wanted a simple, elegant, and yet midwestern feel to their photos and logotype. As reference, I began checking out midwestern VFW logos. Being a midwesterner, it was super fun to put myself back into the old Moose Lodges, VFWs, and Veteran’s halls to try to remember the MDF wooden walls and wonderful stained glass work that went into those spaces. It had a vibe. Of course, the product we are promoting was MUCH cooler than MDF or particle board, I still wanted to harken to that feel of going in to a quiet meeting hall with a pot luck going on.

One of the other things I tried to check out was 1990’s design of craft houses and even (forgive me…but it was research) the front portion of Cracker Barrel.

All in all the project has been super fun! Andrea and I scoped out several houses in a full day of driving around the front range. Make sure to check out some shots of the cabinetry in some of those houses in this post. It’s been a blast to work with such a profoundly professional and skilled company, and I hope the excitement comes through in the aesthetics that we’ve created.

Typically when I brand or re-brand a company, there’s a ton of different things that have to get done:

Logotype – Logos are obviously pretty important, but part of what I like is finding the dissecting points of the logos we create. Meaning, how can they break down to simpler elements that still carry the heft of the original logotype. With this particular project, we wanted to go with the horse carrying a buggy with a cabinet door for an entrance and include the name. Obviously, we could then take elements like the horse, the buggy, and the type to create separate pull-outs.

Photographs – I try to provide a ton of options for photography. For this company, we needed new images of their work for their website and a ton of print materials. Because they primarily do business at large showrooms, they needed to have enough images to create a professional and intriguing brochure that they could hand out.

Supplemental Materials – after defining their aesthetic, we went to work completing all their fillable order forms, contracts, invoices, etc. in the same style to have a congruent brand. Typically, we’ll offer a bunch in the realm of social media applications of the brand, photos of the workers to puff out personalized stories of the company, etc. However, because I couldn’t get to Indiana, and most of Amish Cabinet’s work comes from shows, we didn’t particularly have to focus on the web realm at all.

So…those are the main three things I do for brand identity, however…it’s not the ONLY three things, there’s a bunch more that goes into establishing a new identity. Because Amish Cabinets has been around for a bit and is super responsive and awesome, we were able to crank this stuff out pretty quick for them. As always, thanks for reading!

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