New Image Wednesday + New Music Video + Sneak Peak at Rossonian

January 21, 2015. by


What’s new with ya? Whoa…seriously? How the hell did you fit 6 hardboiled eggs in your mouth? Oh c’mon…they cracked. They DIDN’T?! Jeez…well, you had a productive week. Nice job. Really really nice job.

So! Today brings us some screen grabs from a music video I’m working on! You Me & Apollo is done as a band. That fact makes me extremely sad. However, the last thing they’re putting out to the world is this music video….no pressure, eh? We actually shot this once before and were in the editing process when my great friend (and videographer for the video) Leighton’s HOUSE BURNED DOWN!! Holy cow!! How horrible!!!! Plus…we lost all the footage. So, I went back to the ol’ drawing board, got a new concept and started shooting and editing all on muh own. So far, this is what we’ve got:

I’m also working on a SUPER fun new album for one of my favorite local bands, Rossonian. Here’s a few of their promotional shots that go along with their Album design. You’ll be seeing more from this project soon!


Don’t forget to send your awesome stories to me from when you were a kid. My great, and AMAZINGLY talented friend, Eric Dallimore (owner of Leon Gallery) are collecting stories to photograph them. We’re looking for awesome stuff you did as a kid; mischief, good deeds, loving moments, etc. Send all stories directly to

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