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July 16, 2014. by

Wednesday. Party time.

So, a couple weeks ago, I got asked to go shoot this really cool event for Swallow Hill Music. Make Music Denver is a day long festival featuring live music, free workshops and classes, a musical petting zoo, and a bunch more. It’s pretty neat-o. 

I usually only post photos where I go all nuts-o with lighting, but sometimes it’s nice to just take pictures without all the fancy set up. That’s what this week’s shots are all about.

If you’d like to see more shots from the festival, click here

What else is going on with my life? I’m SO CLOSE to making lightning!! My great friend, Jeff Engelstadt, is a master electrician and we’ve been working together to create a 9″ arc of lightning for Strange Americans‘ new album cover. As soon as I can photograph that sucker, you’ll see it here! Speaking of Strange Americans, I was blessed to be invited to Matt Hoffman’s (lead singer) wedding this past weekend out in Keystone, CO. What an AMAZING wedding!! We got to ride the ski lift up to the wedding site. I literally screamed the entire way up and down. I don’t think I’ve sworn that much or that loudly in a long time. Turns out I’m uncomfortable with heights. But, the wedding itself was set against a huge mountain in the background with a super cool handmade log alter. Boy oh boy did we tie one on. 

Anywhooo, thanks for reading! 

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