New Image Wednesday + Leda And The Swan + A Steampunk Wedding

November 19, 2014. by

Happy snowy Wednesday! Anyone else bummed that it’s all snowy? Today’s images are from a wonderful wedding I got to shoot and an album cover shoot! 

I’ve been working on the concept for this album cover for a LONG time and I FINALLY got it to come to fruition! With the amazing work from Incite Productions, we were able to construct a 5.5′ swan wing. By “we,” of course I mean “them.” I really just conceptualized it…they built the sucker. But, that being said, I realized a while ago that no one had revisited the Greek Myth “Leda & The Swan” for a very long time. My favorite tellings of that dreadful tale were always from the Renaissance period. So, I decided to do my own version. If you’re interested, check out a bunch of other versions of the story here. I shot this with the trusty Hasselblad 500cm…lovin’ that guy. Also, mad props to my great friends, Madelyn Albright and Jeff Engelstadt for withstanding the frigid water with grace. We shot this sucker two weeks ago out in Chatfield State Park in a little mountain stream…you know that water was unrelenting.

Justin and Amy: They had a beautiful themed wedding at the magical Lannie’s Clocktower. I don’t think I’ve ever had to walk up and down so many stairs. Despite that, the service was not only gorgeous – it was surrounded by large clocks on all four sides with warm orange and purple lights – but the people were amazing to be around. They had an awesome caterer that did a lot of work with dry ice and the lighting was super drastic everywhere…made for pretty fun photos! I experimented with shooting a bunch of Polaroid photos so as the wedding progressed the bride and groom could peel them open throughout the night like little Christmas presents. Fun!

See ya next week!

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