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This week’s photos are all of Steve Varney for his new project, Kid Reverie. You’ve seen Steve singing in Glowing House (check out the homepage) and backing up legendary Gregory Alan Isakov – yeah, even though he’s young he’s still reached ‘legend’. I’ve heard some stuff from Steve’s new project, and it’s awesome. He has a great way of directing melancholy ideas to an inspiring and enlightening melody to make for an overall illuminating musical experience. He sings with care, texture, and a perfect balance of aggression and elegance that divines a lush musical state. Not only is he extremely talented, but Steve also continues to put forth one of the kindest, most genuine attitudes I’ve ever been lucky enough to meet. He’s absolutely an important person to have in our Colorado music community. We’re lucky here because of people like him.

My friend and fellow photographer, Merne Judson III (link below) joined me this past week to head out to Gregory Alan Isakov’s farm to work on the first round of photos for Kid Reverie. The farm carried the same powerful kindness that both Steve and Gregory share. It was a lovely experience with a relaxing, joyous shoot. However, we wanted something a bit more based in movement for Kid Reverie’s new record, so these shots don’t always show the calm, quiet day we had, but rather the screaming, thrashing, blur that we felt we needed to portray. It’s such a great thing to scream your ass off and throw your arms and legs around only to (moments later) look up and smile warmly and have a sip of craft beer or coffee. At one point, we wanted to age a baseball a bit more than it already was, so we threw it in a french press that was still half full of coffee to gather a darker tone. Perhaps three seconds after doing so, all of us forgot about it….that’s a pretty epic find when you’re making coffee the next morning. I assume the tilted face accompanying that discovery looked similar to having your cheeks, brows, nose, and lips squished together by a rubber band.

Overall, the shoot was great. The photos were easy. The expressions were profoundly genuine. The day was warm, and we got to drink. I hope you enjoy them.


Oh wait! If you have questions about how we did the lighting, what we shot with, etc. there are now TWO options for you! 1) Office Hours every Wednesday night – this week features Leon Art Gallery’s Eric Robert Dallimore. This one is going to be amazing. Eric is coming home after a long flight and is definitely in the mood to talk art. Or 2) the new one….<drumroll> The new FORUM! While Wednesday evenings are absolutely my favorite night of the week and have left people with true incite and a breadth of knowledge only being face to face can deliver, some folks just plum can’t make it. Enter the forum…if you’re one of the folks who can’t make it and just need a quick answer to an easy question. Post it in my new forum and I’ll get right to it! How fun! The link for this new page is here.

Enjoy these photos of Kid Reverie and I’ll see ya tonight at The Elm at 5:30!

As always, thank you so much for looking at my stuff.

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Merne Judson III – Website

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Forum – Link

Kid Reverie – Facebook (coming soon)

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