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May 13, 2015. by

Well, surprise surprise! Look who it is! How’ve you been this week? Yeah! I’ve been grea…huh? Oh, come on…you’ve seriously been building an ark in your backyard? Like Noah’s ark? Uh oh! EXACTLY like Noah but only 1/3 scale, eh? Well, I dunno how many animals and stuff you can fit in ther…it’s for insects? Well, that’s kind of cool. To save them from all the rain in Colorado lately? That’s charming! So you can light the thing on fire when it dries up again? You’re sick

Today is fun! I’ve been going nuts all week building all kinds of stuff! I started out last Wednesday building a bunch of small paper sets for Finnders & Youngberg’s (now FY5) new album “Eat The Moon.” I then began to build a paper horse head for a shoot I did in Moab on Saturday (getting through the blizzard on Vail Pass was a whopper that night…story coming soon). Then I dragged up the ol’ fog machine and some little LED lights and started shooting all my creations! Muuaahahaha. Here’s a few of those shots as well as some super fun light painting shots we did with the band for promotional photos!

All shot on a Canon 5D MkII with a 70-200 USMII L Series Lens. No photoshop on the paper mountain shots. All paper all the way.


Also, I was super lucky to work with the amazing New York artist, Kristin Gornstein! She’s such an amazing opera singer! Check her out here. I had this idea in my head of doing somewhat mundane tasks throughout the house and almost hyper-sexualizing them and giving them a quasi inappropriate feeling. She called and pitched two ideas; 1) A beautiful dress in a broken-down theater or 2) a beautiful classical look combined with the boredom of mundane tasks. Whoa! She took my idea without ever knowing it was my idea! She’s like a Jedi! An Opera Jedi. A New York Opera Jedi. So, we ditched the nudity part that was in my head and replaced it with the classy opera singer swinging a light-saber around. Kidding. No light saber (this time). I love how these turned out!

All shot on Leica R3 on Ilford 400 film…no photoshoppy.



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