New Image Wednesday + Film From Escalante + Upcoming Events

September 18, 2014. by

So…let me start off by saying the new Godzilla film is too bad for Bryan Cranston to have accepted.

Whew. I’m glad I got that out of the way.

SO! LOTS going on!

I’ve been finishing up the designs for my mentor and hero, Tony Small. He’s been writing an opera for The Smithsonian and I’ve been lucky enough to do the logo work and branding materials associated with it. What an amazing task. I feel so lucky every time I get to work with him. He was my piano teacher when I was ten years old and we’ve kept in contact all these years. He’s provided me with some of the most influential advice and opportunities I’ve ever known as a person on this earth. He alone can give this world the love, admiration, and true spirit that all of mankind sometimes seemingly lacks. A genuine hero to anyone who knows him and more importantly to those that carry on his examples.

I met with a financial adviser. That was fun.

I met with You Me & Apollo about their NEW UPCOMING RECORD involving my twisted take on the Greek myth, Leda & the Swan.

I was able to photograph a LOVELY young woman named Jessica that did a great job and made me realize I need to hire her as an assistant because of her understanding of the lightest (and yet, most profound) gestures that make this world move lightly on. It’s funny how a simple look straight to the eyes, a set of ears that actually HEARS us, and a warm smile can make us feel like we’ll be just fine.

I got to hang out with the amazingly talented Anthony Ruptak AND Poet’s Row. Both people/groups are filled with illuminated, wise, and loving sentiment – I have my fingers crossed to work with them both. 

I GOT A HASSELBLAD 500cm!!! HOLY COW!!! Photos coming soon from THAT little puppy!!

I ate some pho and discussed quantum physics and our perception and understanding of vibrations in the human psyche with my great friend Michael Schenkelberg.

AND I got this film developed from a recent trip with my old man to Escalante, UT (home of the Grand Staircase – unphotographed).  These shots are untouched except for scanning. I feel that this trip has a way of grabbing all of these amazing feelings from these past couple weeks and presenting them in a simple visual sense. Just like everyone mentioned, they feel like home.

Have you ever had a song that is so perfect at the moment that you wish you could set yourself down, capture it, and live in that one chord or voice or drum timbre for a lifetime? You know, hang out dangling off a line on the treble clef for an eternity watching the world from the bliss of a perfect, all-encompassing universe played in one perfect sound? That’s how this week has felt multiple times. I’m lucky to know everyone I know and I’m luckier to keep meeting more people that I can consider not just friends, but family.

+ S

P.S. I’ve aptly named the bus Further.

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