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January 15, 2015. by


How was the start of the New Year so far? Yeah, I gave up on my gym membership already too. What’s that? NO! I’ve learned to love my body…that’s why…. and I’m lazy and I get tired after walking up a flight of stairs. Anyway, how’s that new four-wheeler you got for Christmas? Yeah…I guess I heard that you sailed that f*cker right into a ravine. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Ok. Enough. 

SOOOOOOO, this week I’m starting a new AWESOME series that I’m asking for your help on–it’s the fun kind of help, don’t worry. The new series is (so far) titled “American Mischief.” 

The idea started like this: My old man isn’t a huge talker. He hates answering his phone, and he’s that kind of cool old sage type that keeps his mouth shut unless it’s important (boy did the apple just leap as far away from the tree as it could, eh? Heh heh <sad face>). But, I wanted to legitimately TALK to him. So, I gave him this assignment: Tell me stories of when you were younger. You grew up in the 50’s and I know you got into some FUN stuff as a kid.

So, I wanted to hear the kind of mischief he would get in to. Things like breaking into the control car of a train, taking a coat hanger, a string, and a brick and hanging it from the whistle and running allowing the whistle to blow and blow and blow until someone finally came to fix it….whew, what a heckuva jerk thing to do. But, he was a kid…so, oddly it was ok, and kind of funny. 

I want to take YOUR stories of mischief and turn them into a photo series. Things that you did as a kid that were hilarious, touching, or just downright wrong and recreate them with you as an adult. I’m not particularly fond of ending up in jail, however if the story is worth it, we’ll figure something out. So I’m asking YOU to send in your favorite stories from when you were a kid. The photo sessions start in two weeks (we’ll figure out timing if I pick your story) and will go until all the awesome stories are done. That being said, don’t be afraid to send a BUNCH of stuff you did as a kid! I want to hear your stories! One of the reasons I’m in love with this project is because I want to see how stories differ between different age ranges, personalities, sexes, etc. Everyone comes from a beautifully different background, so let your freak flag fly, baby!!

You can send your stories here:

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Also, here’s a couple photos from the amazing Amberley Chalberg! This is the front and back cover design for her new album coming out soon! She’s such a wonderful singer songwriter and person. The album is featuring some of Colorado’s best musicians as well!

I’m stoked to hear your stories!!

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